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Apojo Podcast: Creative Writing

In this episode of the Apojo Podcast, we speak to award-winning writer Victor Morales.

We have authentic couch conversations with Victor on his creative writing process, the projects he is working on at present and what has been unique about his own creative journey. He talks about his influences, inspirations and aspirations.

Listen to it here, or on Apple Podcasts.

Victor Morales is the author of the Galeran Trilogy. He was born in 1992, and has been a fan of fantasy and sci-fi since his childhood. His first feature length film, Mysterium, premiered in 2020 at the Angelica Film Festival, winning the Jury Prize for International Narrative. In 2021, his short film, Wrong Wish, was an Official Selection in the New York Flash Film Festival.

For production studios and producers interested in his projects, reach out to us at or via chat to find out more.

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