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Apojo Podcast: Enigma

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Two enigmas from two different generations: Carole Field and Nishat Hashem.

Another International Women's Day edition on this episode of the Apojo Podcast.

Writer, psychotherapist, international lecturer and Apojo member Carole Field has had an incredible career in the creative industry spanning over several decades as a dancer, actor and writer. She has travelled the world and taken in the creative sensibility everywhere.

Nishat Hashem, the host of Apojo Podcast and CEO of Apojo Publications, dubbed Rita Hayworth of this century, has been a creative for over a decade as a producer, writer, director, playwright and actor. Her vision is to empower equity and connectivity for creatives globally.

Starting from what it's like to be a woman in today's creative industry, to dating for the modern career woman all the way through to expressing yourself through your creative process: we cover it all in this explosive couch conversation.

Listen to it here, or on Apple Podcasts.

#internationalwomensday #breakthebias #thoughtleadership #creativeindustry #inclusion

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