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Featured Creative of the Month: Klara Landrat

Klara Landrat is an American actress of Polish - Israeli origin, producer, writer, and director.

She is currently starring in the Israeli TV series - “Late Night Stories” directed by Michael Behagen, coming in 2022 playing the character of Kennedy. She is also known for such projects as: "The Silent Enemy - Endometriosis" (2022), “Inheritance” (2022) in Irish Gaelic & English, "Story Time with Fergie & Friends" (2020) with The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, “Going Under" (2004), and the epic comedy, "Zoolander" (2001).

As a daughter of a diplomat, Klara was raised in Tripoli, Libya and New York City, and speaks many languages fluently including: English, French, Italian, Polish and Hebrew.

The multi-talented Klara Landrat is our Featured Creative of the Month.

She is debuting as a director in a global documentary film about endometriosis aimed at raising awareness about the disease along with an award winning Director and Producer Caroline Zelder (“Plumm Summer” with Jeff Bridges, William Baldwin, Henry Winkler).

As a model, Klara worked with New York and London Fashion Week designers and has trained with a legendary New York dance choreographer Willie Ninja (William Leake) the creator of "Vogueing "- who has trained Madonna, Naomi Campbell, to name a few.

Klara holds a B.A. degree in the Arts from Hunter College City University of New York and is a member of Alumni, Golden Key Honour Society and USA Honour Society.

Klara is also a co-producer of Legendary Film Productions, an international film and TV production company that creates high impact projects that impel imagination, inspire partnership and bring enticing ideas to life, creating inspirational vortexes in the broadspectrum film marketplace.

Legendary Film Productions is based out of New York and Tel Aviv, which Klara founded along with her co-producer and husband, Abraham Eben Ezra. Klara is currently developing an Italian mini TV series about an extraordinary Renaissance man and his magical book which changed the history of the world. From Italian Renaissance to modern-day London, the mystical book becomes a legacy and a dispute of future generations. “The Book Of” is a lavish odyssey about the revival of consciousness.

Another notable project is “The Silent Enemy - Endometriosis” - a heartfelt documentary about women and transgender men suffering from endometriosis. More than 176 million women and also transgender men suffer from this disease world wide. It is one of the most misunderstood, under-funded and under researched diseases of our world today. It has no regards to social status, age, faith or race. Legendary Film Productions aims to change that with their documentary and actively seeks women and transgender men worldwide who’d like to participate in it.

Aside from that, Legendary Film Productions paired with Ezra Reich (son of Steve Reich the greatest living American composer) to create a first single - “Long Distance Call” - “Achar Fada” with Klara Landrat and Aisling Goodwin singing in Swedish and Irish in a “kulning” technique.

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